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We cover a lot of stuff at every show, but as always, a few things stand out by the end. At High End 2010 it was the sound of a particular room, a line of products, and, finally, one component that was the talk of the town. Here they are:

The SoundStage! SnapShots! photo galleries are new addition to our show reports. These galleries feature high-quality photos from in and around each show. Browse the new galleries through the links below:

BMW Welt: Part 1Part 2

High End Close-ups: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Immediately when we arrived in Munich, we started to think about ways to improve our coverage. One thing we decided to do was get rid of the ShowStoppers! section that had been a regular part of our previous reports and concentrate on getting more pictures for our standard product coverage. The rationale was that the ShowStoppers! section put too much focus on too few products, and by eliminating it we could show our readers more products that might be relevant to them. Three days into our show coverage, we think it was a wise choice.

One of the most interesting aspects of attending a high-end show is getting the scoop on new products, new companies, brands that are out of business, changes in partnerships, and personnel changes within the industry. There's typically also a storyline or two that emerges from talking with insiders. Basically, gossip.

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