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January/February 2001

The Everly Brothers - Best
DCC GZS-1141, 2000

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If you've ever wondered how hits from the '50s would fare today in the age of hip hop, rap, and power pop, this CD will remind you of the timelessness of great music. And I can think of no other person I'd rather have at the remastering controls than DCC's Steve Hoffman, who often makes gold (CDs, that is) out of digital dross. What's most impressive about this remastering is the inner detailing -- on a good system you can hear so far into each song that you'll gain new appreciation for the fine touches you may have missed: the guitar flourishes, the drum work that often keeps the tempo of each song on track for hit status, and of course the aching beauty of those voices. Yes, this music is classic -- just look at the lineup of songs here -- because it has easily withstood the test of time. But it's the time this disc will spend in your CD player that will make it a worthwhile purchase....Marc Mickelson

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