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audience_au24e_300wPrices: $1250 per 1m pair with XLR connectors, $797 per 1m pair with RCA connectors (interconnects), $1554 per 8’ pair (speaker cables)

Website: www.audience-av.com

He said: Don’t rush out and buy Audience Au24 e interconnects and speaker cables based on this review. But if my review makes them sound appealing, you really ought to audition them in your system. You may be surprised at how much improvement they make. I was.

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The gist: Don’t think cables make a difference? Listen to these.

artaudio_ic3se_300wPrice: $239 per 1m pair

Website: www.audioartcable.com

He said: In these tough economic times, the IC-3SE’s reasonable price and stellar performance make it very easy to recommend.

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The gist: He loved ’em for the price.

crystalcable_bridge_300wPrice: $780 per 1m pair

Website: www.crystalcable.com

He said: The Bridge will very likely get you more from your existing cables, and will also likely serve as an excellent supercharger for those who already own Crystal Cable interconnects.

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The gist: Whatever it is, it works.

crystalcable_dreamline_300wPrices: Dreamline speaker ($18,750 per 3m pair), Dreamline digital ($10,250 per 4m cable)

Website: www.crystalcable.com

He said: The Crystal Cable operation includes significant investment in R&D as well as advanced manufacturing techniques. The alloys of silver and gold that Crystal Cable uses in their Dreamline series are proprietary to them, and their technical explanations of why they use those materials in the forms they’ve chosen appear solid.


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The gist: No need to hide your cables any longer.

DH Labs White LightningPrice: $49.95 per 1m pair

Website: www.silversonic.com

He said: They’ve created in the Silver Sonic White Lightning, at $49.95/1m pair, an incredibly cost-effective interconnect that gives the developing audiophile on a modest budget a great upgrade from generic interconnects, and that will result in a greatly improved listening experience.

Great Buy

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The gist: Do you need to spend more on interconnects?

shunyata_aurora_300wPrices: $7500 per 1m pair (Aeros Aurora-IC), $15,000 per 8’ pair (Aurora-SP)

Website: www.shunyata.com

He said: There is nothing these cables can’t do and nothing they do too extreme, providing a clear, resolved, and unforced view of the electronics, speakers, and music, one that doesn’t reach a tipping point or seemingly miss a sonic step.


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The gist: The Quiet Company makes some noise.

synergistic_teslaapex_300wPrices: $3600 per 1m pair (Tesla Apex interconnects), $2600 per 1m pair (Precision Reference interconnects), $6500 per 8’ pair (Tesla Apex speaker cables)

Website: www.synergisticresearch.com

He said: While no technology can ever be said to be fully perfected, the various Tesla Apex and Precision Reference cables I used are proof that Synergistic Research has taken what was, by all accounts, a very good set of products and propelled them into a whole new league.


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The gist: Three reviews, one conclusion: these cables rock.

synergistic_teslausb_300wPrice: $550 per 1m cable

Website: www.synergisticresearch.com

He said: It’s not often that I hear audio cables that offer actual improvements in the sound. But from the moment I first heard it, I knew that Synergistic Research’s Tesla Tricon USB was the real deal, and an absolute must-have for those who’ve moved to a computer-based digital audio source -- without it, you’re hearing only a small fraction of your system’s performance capability.

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The gist: OK, so they do make a difference.

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