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Price: $14,995 per pair

Website: www.audiophysic.com

Aron said: In the Codex, Audio Physic has produced something special. I highly recommend that anyone willing to spend up to $15,000 on a pair of speakers give it a serious listen.

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The gist: Rock-solid bass and very revealing.

Price: $13,999.99 per pair

Website: www.kef.com

Doug said: For its price, the Reference 3 is damn near impossible to fault as an accurate, high-definition loudspeaker.

Reviewers' Choice

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The gist: More traditional alternative to the company's Blades.

Price: AU$16,500 per pair

Website: www.legendspeakers.com.au

Edgar said: In the case of the Legend Acoustics Big Red Actives there’s an added bonus – the superb DEQX with its built-in preamplifier’s digital and analogue input options, room correction, on-board crossovers, etc. just plug a source and you have a ready to rumble system.

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The gist: Great big active speaker with even bigger bass.

Price: AU$42,500 per pair

Website: www.magico.net

Josh said: The S3 Mk.II is simply an outstanding accomplishment and based on what I’ve heard out there, I feel I’d be hard-pressed to come up with a better performing speaker at their price point.

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The gist: Magico’s “accessible” loudspeaker lives up to its vaunted pedigree.

Price: $14,495 per pair

Website: www.monitoraudiousa.com

Aron said: The speaker’s fit and finish are exquisite, its build quality is exemplary, and the science behind its design and development is as beyond reproach as its sound.

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The gist: Thoroughly updated model in Monitor's premium series of loudspeakers.

Prices: $62,000 per pair (Model Seven Mk.II) and $52,000 per pair (M7-HPA)

Website: www.vandersteen.com

Pete said: The quality of sound I’m hearing from them is beyond what I could have hoped for, let alone expected, even a year or two ago.

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The gist: Pete’s reference.

Price: $93,000 per pair

Website: www.vividaudio.com

Jeff said: The G1 Spirit reigns atop that fine line, a worthy flagship for a man and a company with histories as rich as Dickie’s and Vivid’s.

Reviewers' Choice

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The gist: Perhaps the best rock speaker available today.

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