Tuesday, May 30, 2017
High End 2017
in Munich
Brand New
Video Series
NAD C 368
New Integrated
Anthem STR
Model Seven Mk.II
Ayre Acoustics
Paradigm's Flagship
Persona 9H
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bw_ctsw15_260wPrices: $1350 (CT SW15), $1500 (SA 1000)


He said: The B&W CT SW15 plus SA 1000 sounded imperturbable and unflappable. . . . the B&W sub fits my décor as perfectly as it fits my room’s acoustic. It stays.

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The gist: Wes likes it. A lot.

genesis_s2_12t_260wPrice: $4200

Website: www.genesisloudspeakers.com

He said: Based solely on its stellar sonic performance, the S2/12t warrants critical recommendation. However, when you also consider its features, versatility, and cutting-edge appearance, it can fairly be said to be among a handful of exceptional subwoofers at its price.

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The gist: If the looks attract you, the sound will keep you.

jl_fathom_f112_300wPrice: $2800 (satin), $2900 (high gloss)

Website: www.jlaudio.com

He said: If you’re in the market for a wonderfully versatile subwoofer that offers deep, controlled, powerful bass, looks classy, and is impeccably built, JL Audio’s Fathom f112 deserves to be on your short list.


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The gist: A mainstay in compact subwoofer land.

paradigm_sub2_260wPrice: $7499

Website: www.paradigm.com

He said: My recommendation: Find a Sub 2 you can demo, and I think you’ll come to the conclusion I have. Get it. Play it. Be moved by it.


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The gist: There’s a new sheriff in town.

paradigm_sub25_260wPrice: $4000

Website: www.paradigm.com

He said: I so loved my time with Paradigm’s Signature Sub 25 that I’ve decided to make it my reference subwoofer. Never has a subwoofer energized my room in so dominant yet so controlled a way. In the past, whenever I’ve written about how this or that subwoofer I was reviewing did a wonderful job of “disappearing” -- i.e., not audibly drawing attention to its position -- I never felt as if I was overstating that quality. I guess it just takes a better one to point out the difference.


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The gist: One of the best, pure and simple.

svs_pc12_plus_260wPrice: $949

Website: www.svsound.com

He said: In fact, for the ticket price of many similarly performing subs, you could buy two or three PC-12 Pluses: one for each of the two front corners of your home theater, and perhaps a third, to be placed close to your seating position. That, I think, would be one awesome setup.


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The gist: Big, tubular bass, dude.

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